Swing Time Magazie

Creator, Publisher, Editor in Chief, Art Director, and Designer

Swing Time Magazine

Swing Time Magazine was a quarterly, glossy, literary quality publication that ran from 1995 to 2000 and covered the international modern swing music phenomena. Regarded as the "Bible" of modern swing culture the magazine reached 15,000 copy print runs and sold off the rack at over 70%. With writers across the country and in Europe and a crack editorial staff and art department the quality of the publication was top shelf. It was designed to be an immersive experience and all advertising had to fit the stylistic guide lines of the magazine. This was done so that no ad would jar the reader out of the experience. Luckily, advertisers embraced this idea and Swing Time was applauded for it's approach to design.


Michael Moss:
Editor in Chief, Art Director, Designer
Susan Lake: Editor
Mark Jordan: Photographer
Fritz Striker: Illustrator
Guy Garrison: 3D Animator 

Staff Writers:
Thomas Burchfield
John Abrams
Mr. Lucky
Aaron Seymour
Caitlin Mia Cassaro
Toni Czechorosky
Giancarlo Davis
Elva Ramirez

The Scene

Wrecking Crew Graphics

The Wrecking Crew Art Department
Michael Moss, Art Director & Designer
Mark Jordan, Photographer
Fritz Striker, Illustrator
Guy Garrison, 3-D animator

Blending the past, present, and future was the formula for the Wrecking Crew's inspiring and ground breaking work. In the 1990's, 3-D animation was extremely expensive and had not yet been incorporated into print media. We were the first to use 3-D animation in print to great effect. Having this technology at our disposal gave us the freedom to do anything. While classic film photography, and illustration where the pillars of our art department 3D graphics gave use a slick and modern edge that really made our work stand apart. The aesthetic was grounded in the classic design of the Deco & Swing age, infused with contemporary sensibilities while using cutting edge technology to push the medium forward.